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Yes. Wallhacks can be used to find good loot easily from far away, find and avoid players and generally survive longer. An Aimbot can be used to automatically aim your guns at other players, lead targets automatically and get easier kills which in turn will help you survive and claim that #1 chicken dinner. Scripts can be used to automatically heal at the press of a button, restoring stamina ect without having to open your inventory or think about what items you have. However, since this is an onlime multiplayer survival shooter, there are no God Modes, unlimited ammo hacks, skin unlockers or money cheats of any kind, since this data is stored on the Bluehole Inc. Servers.


PUBG Aimbot



The use of automated aiming software is without a doubt one of the most powerful cheats that can be used in Playerunknowns Battlegrounds at this time. It allows players to bind a key or mouse button to an auto aim and lock on function that will automatically target any ememy in line of sight. If you are playing duo or in a group, group members will not trigger this function. A trigger bot can then be set to automatically shoot for you or you can chose to shoot yourself. While aimbots are incredibly powerful in winning fights and killing players, especially in PUKs Battlegrounds, as a lot of PvP engagements are taking place at mid or long ranges, the auto aiming tools can be noticed by other players and reported. So it is recommended that you use and download quality software that has options to make your aiming look more natural from the outside. While Battleground aimbot software may be awesome at getting you easy wins, it also takes a lot of the skill out of the game and will make winning a match feel less rewarding.


PUBG Wallhack



The wallhack is the little brother of the auto aim in that it uses the same technique of scanning the map for objects such as other players, items , cars ect, but then instead of using that data to aim at the object, simply highlights it on your screen and mini map. This kind of ESP (Extrasensory Perception) Hack is incredibly useful in PUKs Battlegrounds, even more so than in your conventional Battle Royale or conventional Online Shooter: Wallhacks can highlight not only players on your screen, making it trivial to find, flank or avoid them, but the can do the same thing with items, even displaying to you what kind of item there is in any house around you in a huge area. – This makes looting good items easy, you will usually be the first person around to find a rifle, armor, backpacks and medkits, giving you a huge advantage. Supply Drops with AWPs and other OP weapons are also highlighted, making getting the best weapons in the game easy. Also you won’t have to actually go into a building to see what kinds of items there are to loot, since you can now see the items through walls, decreasing the riks of someone camping inside the building and killing you. Also you can now see campers wherever they may wait for you and you can ruin their day. No one likes campers.





While using hacks and cheats in online multiplayer shooters is completely legal, that does not mean that it comes without the risk of losing your account. Bluehole, the developers of the game have the good right to ban anyone from their service at any time they chose to without having to give any reason whatsoever. – Therefore it pays not to give them any reason to make use of that right. <p”>The greatest risks are with people that download random free hacks from random forums online and try them on their main accounts: This is a bad idea, especially since free cheating apps usually are outdated within a few weeks and detected after a similar period as well, resulting in an automated permaban. While it is possible to unban accounts, you might now want to have to go down that road at all, so make sure that if you are downloading free PUBG hacks or aimbot software, the program has been confirmed working and undetected within the last 24h. Alternatively, you can go with a paid option that is maintained by professionals and virtually never gets detected, since it is being maintained 24/7/365.


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This is an online game just like all the other Battle Royale games, such as H1Z1 and that essentially means that a lot of the data about your character and account are stored on the game servers somewhere in Blueholes (developers) basement. – These servers cannot possibly be hacked. Maybe in the future it will be possible to host your own private modded servers without any checks and balances, which would make very powerful cheats such as invisibility, teleporting, god modes and item spawning easy. For now item spawn cheats, nocliping and god mode exploits will be patched pretty quickly, should they ever be possible at all. It is very likely that duping will be a possibility as it has been in other similar survival shooters, especially if the game servers are lagging. With other words, it is not possible to get unlimited or added Battleground Points (BP), skins, Pioneer Crates or other goodies without being good (or cheating) at the game. Also due to the online nature of the game, PUBG hacks for unlimited health, money, free loot crates, skins, ammo, item hacks ect. are sadly not in the realm of what is possible at this time.


Free PUBG Hack



While current versions of the game do not allow for spawning items directly and item and ammo dupes are only temporary, there are still hacks that can make looting easier: The loot vicinity hack allows you to loot items in a wider area through going into your inventory. That way you are able to loot whole houses at a time. Auto looting tools and scripts can automatically upgrade your armor, backpack, gun attachments, and automatically loot ammo according to what you need. – This auto looting cheat is incredibly powerful if you consider that around 30% deaths in Playerunknowns Battlegrounds are caused by people taking too long to try and loot copses in open areas without cover. A script or macro on the other hand can auto loot for you in under 1 second, helping you to survive and fight another day. <p”>Especially useful for looting supply drops for snipers such as the AWM, M24, KAR98K and SKS, tier 3 items and suppressors or ghillie suits. Auto looting software will also pick up items quickly during firefights so you don’t run out of ammo. Especially useful if you are having to loot out in the open and don’t want to be exposed to potential enemy fire for too long.



It seems that Bluehole has adapted a very intelligent and effective strategy of using statistics analysis to ban cheaters from PUBG. According to numerous reports, they are using a server-sided anti-cheating system akin to FairFight to identify cheaters based on statistics, such as headshot ratio, K/D ratio, weapon accuracy ect and then place them in a matchmaking system for hackers only. – So if you find yourself in a situation where you are matched up with a huge amount of people that are using auto aim, walls ect, then chances are, you got banned for cheating. <p”>This is one of the best strategies to get rid of toxic cheaters that do not know how to use aimbots and that do not respect other players. We congratulate Bluehole studios on this apparent success and hope that more developers in the future will see the great qualities that statistics based anti-cheats have. There will be false positives, so contact support to get your account unbanned.

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